Global markets: Why is there unrest?

Markets close week down with sharp fluctuations in many platforms from stock exchanges to commodity markets, debt securities to exchange rates. I am telling you, it doesn’t seem like fluctuations will end soon.

Although, according to world trade and growth data, there is supposedly nothing negative going on in economy, it is quite interesting that many people say, “There is something strange going on worldwide”. As a matter of fact, there are so many truths hidden in small details that no one else sees. Trump’s last move for the imposition of protectionism was the last straw, rather than the interest rate issue. That’s why maybe we need to look further to figure out the real problem.

For instance, Boards of Directors convene regularly to review monthly financial progress including revenue, profitability, expense, cost of funding etc. If a new investment is on the horizon, board members brainstorm ideas about whether they should invest or not. But no one directly asks the following questions: “Are our employees happy? Are there any changes in consumer trends? Is the education level of our staff adequate enough to help them fulfil future tasks and responsibilities?” During these meetings, no one pays real attention to back pay, wrong HR policies, or competitors’ wise strategies regarding such matters.

The truth is, today everyone is going through a tough transformation. When it’s done, certain businesses, occupations and positions will fade into history. Technology is the key factor that accelerates the change. It’s genuinely hard to explain it to countries obsessed with making money merely out of construction business. Countries who think “Private sector will carry out the process of natural selection anyway” and wrongly believe that this would help them keep up with competitors are deeply mistaken.

“Some will perish…”

Monetary Systems, Production Systems, Socio-Cultural approaches and Governmental Systems are facing a strong “anonymous” resistance. The investors of striking-out of the ordinary-spectacular things do not hold degrees from some fancy university; they just have great imagination and different way of thinking.

Although this is a well-known fact, it will definitely help countries with strong academia step forward. Systems based on freedom of thought and imagination, flexible work hours and transparency will survive in the future. Others will perish.

Each and every structure unable to switch to advanced technology will fade into history. I’d like to hear your answer: “Why is there unrest in global markets?” But, don’t tell me it’s the Fed!