Someone must tell Trump to stop…

With the things going on in the Middle East now, it seems utterly meaningless to make economic commentaries.

Frederick Forsyth, the author of the bestseller novel “The Day of the Jackal”, criticizes the West in his recent work, also an autobiography: “What can be more important than the death of thousands of children?” While Forsyth describes the countries that choose to remain insensitive to heavy and saddening developments in the region, that even sometimes make them worse.

Amin Maalouf, on the other hand, explains in its books called “Disordered World” in details the insensitivity of the Eastern World towards its own neighbours as well as the wickedness of the West. I must say that, in their works, both authors are taking a historical approach towards this issue.

In short, the things that happened yesterday were the outcome of an over-accumulation of wrongdoing going back several decades. Trump may be using in the Middle East the same “Create tensions and conflict, and then try to calm the things down” policy that he uses on the North Korea. However, the result of this policy will remain as a black spot in the human history.

“The age of reason is genuinely over…”

You know what they say, coming events cast their shadows before. Even before he came into power, Trump had revealed his shallow perspective on this matter, “US will always be a great friend of Israel and vice versa. Therefore, any country who is friend of Israel is our friend too”. As it can be understood, as soon as he was elected President, he made very clear that tragedy and pain were on the way.

When viewed from a distant aspect, one can think that the aim of the US Government is to help American Arms Manufacturers increase their weapons sale. Even if it is an utterly unacceptable reason, it individually seems rational. In my opinion, all this recent tragedy is essentially caused by the blind greed and ambition of a man who is capable of doing anything to stay in power. That is why he is doing the bidding of some power elites and pressure groups.

Well, it seems like the Age of Reason is genuinely over. Yesterday, we have witnessed it with our own eyes.