Towards the 100-Day Action Plan…

We were first quite surprised then upset by the news we have received on Wednesday night. The U.S. imposed sanctions against Turkey’s Ministers of Justice and the Interior and then it was declared that direct sanctions against Turkey will be on the way. And Turkey, as a response, began to prepare a list of retaliations against U.S. snactions, thus turning into the biggest conflict that has ever occurred between the two countries. Tensions haven’t heightened this much since when the U.S. fired at the Turkish ship Muavenet or when Turkish soldiers were raided by U.S. forces in Iraq aka the “hood” incident.

I thought to myself, “Would all this be a late retaliation against the Turkish Parliament’s March 1decision to deny the U.S. the use of its territory in Iraq?” It is very well known that Pentagon’s highest-ranking military officers today, were back then among the soldiers who have been deployed on the vessels waiting offshore for orders in Iskenderun. They might be trying to get payback for what happened in the past. Here’s what I understand: many different cells surfaced during Obama’s presidency-due to his lack of authority-are responsible for the 15 July failed coup attempt and many other nefarious incidents. Encouraged by Trump administration’s weaknesses, these cells are capable of making the Government do whatever they want. Ordinary methods may not be enough to fight back against such powerful process.

As I have always said, Turkey needs to start long-run lobbying activities as soon as possible. But, I have decided that it is not a good time to talk about these things since everyone seems to be in a reactive mood lately.

“Moral support urgently needed…”

Considering USD/TRY still does not go rocket high, I too still believe that this insane period of tensions will be over soon. We have to believe that common sense will prevail, knowing that Turkey-US ties are founded on a century-old friendship. Today, I would really want to talk about the inflation rate to be released soon and the Fed’s FOMC statement but it seems like we are driven by diplomatic circumstances for now rather than the economic ones.

I just hope 100-day action plan to be announced today will cover the policies to increase public savings, fight back against inflation and to finance growth. As the Government is addicted to mega projects, we all know that new project will soon be launched. If it were some other time, I would have a few words to say about this matter. But right now, Turkey needs moral support.

Everyone’s waiting for the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs-US Secretary of State meeting to take place at the ASEAN Summit in Singapore. I hope it will be a good meeting leading to good outcomes for the world peace.