What are we going to talk about on Wednesday evening?

Each Wednesday, we meet at Altınbaş University’s Gayrettepe Campus. Tomorrow night, Professors Mahfi Eğilmez, Işın Çelebi and I are going to make an overall analysis of 2018 and discuss our expectations for 2019. By the way, you don’t need to register to participate. The meeting is open to everyone.

As a matter of fact, we hold different activities and events every Wednesday. For instance, on the first Wednesday of the month, Dean of AU School of Fine Arts and Design Bünyamin Özgültekin welcomed Bedri Baykam who is also a faculty member at Altınbaş University. It was incredibly pleasant to be a part of such a lovely talk session. We lost the track of time while we were listening to them to talk about art through the ages.

On the second Wednesday of the month, Dean of AU Law School İsmail Kayar held a panel on “arrangement with creditors” where he hosted subject-matter experts. The panel helped me find answers for many questions in my mind and realize that so many of them have still no answers. We again lost the track of time during this two-session panel.

Last week, AU President and member of Republic of Turkey Security and Foreign Policies Board Prof. Dr. Çağrı Erhan and AU faculty members Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kasım Han and Dr. Eray Güçlüer convened to discuss the timeline of “U.S.-Turkey Relations” and analyse future prospects of their relationship. Attracted considerable attention also with participants from other Universities, the panel provided panel speakers with a broad platform where they have patiently answered as many questions as they could. It was a very lovely meeting indeed.

“We invite everyone who wants to learn and talk about the truth…”

Tomorrow, together with Professor Mahfi Eğilmez who made his mark as the author of “best-selling” economy books, and Professor Işın Çelebi who has made and is still making great contributions to both Turkish Economy and Turkish Political Life, we are going to share our views and opinions with the audience and answer their questions. I really hope this talk will be a great opportunity for us to conduct a healthy discussion on expectations for 2019. As an economist and former Undersecretary of Treasury, Mahfi Eğilmez stands out among other academician with his indestructible principles. As a Minister of State responsible for Economy and holder of senior positions in international institutions, Professor Işın Çelebi, on the other hand, is an academician promoting rational approaches to the economy.

And you know me… I’m a pro-behavioural economics academician who cares about the relationship between the philosophy of economics and other types of sciences while believing that human interactions, education and good morals play a key role in market behaviours. And I never abandoned any of the principles or approaches I mentioned above even when I was holding positions in private sector.

Everyone is warmly invited to attend the fourth weekly “Wednesday Sessions” at Altınbaş University’s Gayrettepe Campus tomorrow night at 7.00pm. Our door is open to everyone who wants to learn and talk about the truth. You may even come 30 minutes earlier to have a cup of tea with us.