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(Un)Necessary Optimism

(Un)Necessary Optimism   Inflation rate is finally released, and the salary and wage hikes along with it. The raise for public employees is set at nearly 50%, and for retirees

Financial Literacy is Important But…

Financial Literacy is Important But…   It is often thought that people make spending or investing mistakes because they lack financial literacy. I happen to have different ideas about this

Break the Routine

Break the Routine   Last night, an investor phoned me quite late to ask me some questions. The first question was, “I heard that credit card instalment programmes are going

Suffering through 2023… Welcoming 2024…

Suffering through 2023… Welcoming 2024…   As parents, we can only try to empathise with mothers and fathers who have recently lost their sons to terror attacks in northern Iraq.

Epistemological Rupture Continues

Epistemological Rupture Continues My expectation from the Central Bank is to show that it is aware of what is happening to the economy, not to make premature comments, to tell

About Perfect Symmetry…

About Perfect Symmetry…   My dear readers, the laws of the universe do not only apply to matter. They also apply to human behaviour. The more positive the energy you